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I am a Collage Artist based in Bangalore and Collagezine is my space inspired by the the concept of 'Never Refuse to Reuse' by putting together cuttings sourced from old magazines and newspapers to reinvent fresh & new narratives.

I have no formal training in art so I initially experimented with mediums like watercolor,acrylics and found myself gravitate towards collaging.
Collaging for me is synonymous with the idea of slow living where in I use the old school method of cut and paste,browsing through magazines & newspapers for hours with an open mind & no definite theme, relishing the process, completely trusting the flow and when I least expect it, an idea starts taking shape culminating into something liberating and beautiful.

I believe that my creations are not just about the finished products but they tell a story of every kind from my daily interactions with people to traveling around
the world & experiencing different cultures, music and my time in the corporate world.The notion of storytelling from a clean slate or adding a fresh narrative to an existing image that is lost in stacks of magazines and newspapers has got a bit to do with my time spent writing code along with working on agile methodologies in the corporate industry leading to me looking at things through a different lens.

I am biomedical engineer by qualification and was working as a Software Engineer for 6 years.I have been creating collages for a few years now and in this time, along with working on my brand I have had the opportunity of collaborating with some amazing artists about which I plan to write in detail on my site.
I enjoy Food, Travel & Art, and love reading.

If you would like to talk to me about anything from collaborations to collages to books to travel & food then write to me at